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RISO work-



The Risograph combines the features of screen printing, stencil printing and photocopying. The machine prints by color, and by printing the color layers on top of each other, you can get more mixed colors. Because Riso does not emit heat and uses soy-based ink, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to color printing and photocopying.
In the sessions we make unique prints from drawn and montage materials. From the montages, we make A3 prints similar to screen prints with Riso copiers.


We make embossed sketchbooks, leaflets and textile covers with the help of printing machines from the beginning of the century. Participants can learn and test how the bundle cutter and star press work. The participants can also get acquainted with different book-closing solutions, and during the workshops they can get acquainted with the classic patterns of oriental knitting techniques and sewing.




We print prints, posters or embossed cards from linoleum, woodcut, wood lettering and laser-cut alternative printing presses with a printing press, star press and crucible press.