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RENDET projekt

“RENDET!” Folder

THE ORDER! an anthology containing unique prints, compositions, texts, and video by visual and contemporary music composers. The idea of an anthology was born slowly in an age when one would have to react quickly and uniformly to events. Power wants to put order on us, on the messy, and we tolerate it, and instead of preventing our room for maneuver from being curtailed, we open up new room for maneuver in other directions.

50 numbered, lettered folders for Dióbél Publishing House . It includes a flash drive and a 20-page paper themed anthology. 20 red-blue-black A3 riso prints in each folder, from 20 creators:


"who are those homeless?"

Bell's Imi's "good for nothing" sensitization booklet. Made in A5 format, in 100 copies with the support of the MKKP Rósánékötéka tender