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You have to live

paperback riso booklet
200 pieces, numbered
24 pages
munken pure 140

The project of AB 2 Vocational College and the PTE MIK Institute of Architecture examines the question of how the attention-grabbing symbolic strategies of social activism and, in particular, the help-interventionist practices and certain urban planning efforts can reflect each other.


The newspaper was created to provide an insight into the LAKNI KELL program series, which  It was jointly organized by the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics of the University of Pécs and the B2 Vocational College.

The newspaper contains a description of the program, the support of the SUPPORT FOUNDATION.

The newspaper could be purchased at the handover ceremony of the completed outdoor installation on September 20, 2020, with the support of the Pécs Weekly Betting team.

The booklet is the work of Ildi Moric, Dorka Böhm and Kinga Madari.

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